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LNG Markets, Arbitrage, Hedging and Risk Management


Kuala Lumpur 2018


26th to 28th March 2018


Course Overview


This 3-day programme provides comprehensive contents for participants looking to gain a better understanding of the LNG business and its trading & risk management activities.The course is designed to look at the increasing integration of LNG into the global natural gas mix.
Packed with invaluable insights and applications – this international course improves your expertise in today’s complex LNG markets.


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Gas Market and Trading Course




19th and 20th April 2018

27th and 28th September 2018

Course Overview


The two days cover a multitude of topics designed to provide a thorough knowledge of the European natural gas markets, highlighting the key relationships and interdependencies throughout the traded gas markets in Western Europe. The first day is designed to look at the background and mechanics of traded markets answering the questions of: Why do we trade and what influences gas prices? Day two looks in detail and how to hedge and optimise portfolios with a detailed look at supply contracts, LNG and gas storage to give the participants the understanding of the tools that are used by traders to capture value and manage risks. The course makes use of interactive trading simulation exercises to reinforce the points learned and to develop new skills that can be used back in the workplace.


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Gas Markets and Trading
Gas Trading Course 2015 - Outline.pdf
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Advanced Pricing Negotiations in Gas and LNG Sales Contracts



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Course Overview


Run in conjunction with Opus Kinetic.  This three day course has been designed to give delegates the tools they need for successful negotiations for different types of commercial contract across the LNG value chain.  The program has been designed to blend negotiating skills with knowledge of the global LNG markets and is enhanced through a number of practical exercises to reinforce learning.


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Introduction to LNG and the Global Gas Markets


Course Overview

Held over a period of three days, this course is a unique opportunity for delegates to gain insight into the future of the rapidly developing LNG market.  The course has been designed to help delegates prepare for the future of LNG and equip them with the skills they need to understand the changes that are happening within the industry as it shifts from its existing structure.  This course will look at the current drivers for LNG in the global markets and the skills needed to manage the opportunities of the future.  Attendees will gain insight into the structure of the current global gas market and understand the current pricing mechanisms in key areas and the price drivers for these markets.  The course will then proceed to look at LNG trading and portfolio management to be able to build strategies to maximise and secure the margins from LNG trade giving perspectives both from the sell side and a focus at the current buy side opportunities.  Finally, a roundup of the future developments underway in the global LNG marketplace, including deregulation, floating regasification and small scale LNG and how these are likely to impact the current supply and demand situation.

Key Objectives:

  • Understand the key interactions of the global gas market place
  • Learn about the key price drivers in different gas markets
  • Formulate strategies to manage the future LNG business
  • Familiarise yourself with the infrastructure of LNG
  • Identify key opportunities to grow and maintain margins
  • Discover future scenarios for shaping your LNG business



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