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Technical Analysis of Financial Commodity Markets

A course for traders and would be traders.  This gives an in-depth tutorial on using technical analysis to read the financial commodity markets and gain an edge over competitors.  The course looks at identifying trends in markets such as direction, resistance and support.  The application of different techniques including Fibonacci, Moving Averages, the VIP relationship and others.  Delegates will be able to identify several market indicators that can aid the trading of Futures and Options and give indications as to when trends may occur to aid in the physical purchase or sale of the underlying commodity.


Financial Commodity Trading

An overview of the financial markets used to hedge commodity transactions.  The course looks at the meanings and relationships of the financial commodity markets to the physical products and addresses the questions of hedging and risks associated with the difference between physical and financial markets.  Delegates will gain an understanding of the differences between the types of markets and an overview of how these financial markets are used to manage risks in physical flows.


Oil Trading Risk Management using Derivatives

This course looks at the global oil trade and the use of derivatives (Futures, Swaps and Options) to hedge the underlying physical commodity.  It gives an examination of the risks present in the value chain and techniques to reduce the risk exposure.  In addition, a look at the management of trades and reduction of operational risk is undertaken.  Delegates will leave with confidence in the use of derivatives to reduce pricing risks.


Energy Trading Risk Measurement and Controls

A course for back and middle office specialists.  This looks at the ways risk is measured in commodity trading including Marking to Market, Value at Risk, Capital at Risk and counterparty credit exposure.  This course looks at not only the calculations and the reasons for these calculations, but also how to implement and manage a control structure using these tools.  The course will also address some of the key issues in selecting ETRM (energy trading risk management) software.

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