Natural gas in-house courses

European Natural Gas Trading, Hedging and Optimisation

With an overview of the European natural gas market dynamics, this course has been designed to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to understand the physical and financial traded gas markets and to be able to hedge and optimise their physical positions.  The course looks at end user portfolio management, pipeline contracts, LNG and storage and identifies some of the key plays to maintain profitability.


European Gas Market Fundamentals

Designed for new starters and those coming into natural gas, this course examines the dynamics of the European natural gas markets and details the structure of the markets in terms of the supply and demand fundamentals. The delegates will understand the drivers behind price structure and movements. The role of Europe in a global context is also addressed.  The course contains an introduction to the role of storage, LNG and the traded natural gas markets.  An overview of the regulatory environment and the impact of REMIT is also included.  The course will leave delegates with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of the European natural gas markets.


Global Gas Markets

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has brought a new dynamic to the global natural gas industry by linking previously unconnected markets.  This course has been designed to identify the different price structures across the globe and the interconnection of markets.  The course will look at drivers for developments in global natural gas and look at the impact of the LNG market on the development of connecting markets.  This course will help delegates prepare for the future of natural gas and help decision making in future projects as well as gaining understanding of the dynamics of global pricing.


European Natural Gas Regulation

A specialised course designed to equip delegates with an understanding of the regulatory environment surrounding the European natural gas markets.  The course will look at the role of the regulators in each country and at an EU level.  The course will also look at regulatory third party access and exemptions to the regulation as well as how pricing of asset use is regulated in different countries.  The course will also look at the impact of REMIT on European gas trading and other legislation that effects the traded markets.


European Energy Policy

A specialised course designed to look at the impact of European energy policy on the markets.  An in depth look at the current topics and the potential impact of changes in policy on the European energy markets.  Some of the impacts examined include the impact on the rise of renewable energy and energy security strategy. Delegates should gain a fuller understanding of the key issues in energy policy both from a European and a global perspective.

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