Training courses in natural gas, LNG & other energy commodities

Artaois has developed a number of training courses for the energy market, working with some of the established training providers in the industry.  Courses on Oil, LNG and Gas trading and marketing have been presented across Europe and Asia to National and Independent Oil and Gas companies, Trading Houses, Asset Owners and Governments.  In addition Artaois has developed specific courses and workshops for clients as part of their internal development programmes.


Running training courses alongside the consultancy business ensures that course content is kept up to date and remains fresh, stimulating and relevant, focussing on some of the fundamental drivers of the commodity markets as well as technical analysis of the financial markets.


The industry experience gained by Artaois ensures that course material is kept up to date enabling us to relate directly to delegates to ensure that training is both focused and flexible.




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Key industry topics covered


  • Global Energy Markets
  • Gas and Electricity Markets
  • Commodity Trading
  • Gas Storage
  • LNG trading and marketing
  • Risk Management in Energy Markets
  • Regulation
  • European Energy Policy



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