Third Party Access to LNG Terminals Report for a Japanese Utility.

Client Requirement:

To understand the differing regulations for Third Party Access to LNG Receiving terminals in the European Union to understand the requirements for access and exemption to third parties as governed under the current national and European wide legislation.  The client also required an understanding of the regulated pricing methodologies for terminals and a summary of the pricing structures.



A summary of the relevant legislation at both European and national level was undertaken with examples given for many of the key LNG receiving terminals across Europe with a breakdown of the pricing legislation and the products offered by the terminals.  Key access contracts were also reported and the impact of unbundling on terminal usage a key element to the resulting report findings.



The report was submitted together with a follow up presentation to discuss the impacts of infrastructure unbundling and the associated risks with mind to the potential for unbundling of infrastructure in the Japanese markets.



Report was fed into the utilities regulatory department to aid preparation for future changes to the Japanese natural gas markets. 

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