Country analysis and strategic market entry recommendations for a Japanese Utility

Client Requirements:

To identify the current market conditions for natural gas in a series of reports covering the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal with a view to import liquefied natural gas for sale at a trading hub where possible. 



The report covered the general supply and demand conditions including the reliance on import or export and the dominant importer and exporter markets.  Market entry was assessed by undertaking a study of the regulatory conditions within each country and the costs of selling gas into the market including transportation charges and requirements for selling at the virtual trading points.  A summary of potential entry strategies was also presented taking into account three scenarios of different levels of engagement with the market from a fully integrated player in the market to using strategic partners to market gas on behalf on the client.  A risk analysis was undertaken to look at the potential market and price risks. 



The project was delivered for each report with an initial presentation outlining the market conditions and regulatory framework for each country followed by a written report of approximately 25,000 words with graphs, graphical representations, tables and appendices.  A follow up meeting and presentation concluded each report to answer questions or to expand on certain elements.



Each report fed into the longer term planning of the client to enable an informed evaluation of each market.

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