Advised a major UK LNG importer on commercial & trading strategy and associated risk management and operational controls.

Client Requirement:

To identify the benefits (if any) of using the UK natural gas trading market to enhance terminal utilisation and management of inventory.



Artaois worked with existing teams to gain a full understanding of the contractual obligations of the client in order to get the best fit strategy in terms of the "fit for purpose" model.  From there a number of different scenarios were developed to identify alternative considered options for internal appriasal at a high level.  The best fit in terms of achievability within the existing company framework was chosen.  A delivery strategy was drawn up allocating tasks throughout the client's organisation to ensure that the implementation would allow a seamless integration with regular meetings to ensure all project milestones and dependents remained on course.



Over 24 months Artaois developed strategy to use the trade markets for enhancing terminal utilisation and inventory management identifying the potential value and the associated risks.  Developed strategy to enter the market in a risk adverse way using key service providers to gain access to markets to minimise costs.  Produced business case ultimately conditionally approved by shareholders. 


Artaois continued to lead the project for the implementation framework of the business case to develop a project plan and to address any risks, operational, physical and financial, to the project to ensure that the foundation contracts for the terminal were not affected and that the additional activity would bring value to the company.  Successfully developed the implementation plan and was asked to lead the implementation of the project ensuring all milestones were reached and the project delivered on time.  In addition was directly involved in ensuring regulatory compliance, developing processes and building a risk framework to support the activity. 



The project successfully delivered on time and to client shareholder approval.

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