Strategy development for clients, trading and marketing energy 

Artaois has over twenty years of business experience in Europe and Asia providing consultancy on LNG, natural gas, and other issues related to the energy market. We have completed more than thirty successful projects, with financial impacts of over £700 million annualised. Moreover, our training arm has delivered over 180 presenations and courses to groups ranging from two to sixty people. In this way, Artaois has given seven years of successful support to the energy industry, and the below exampels demonstrate recent work done by the company.


Artaois' network of energy experts situated around the globe are accomplished  providers of company-specific strategic solutions in energy trading and marketing, risk management and controls, operational processes, governance and compliance. This flexible approach suited to different companies' needs applies the principles of the Fit for Purpose model, and has been used to tailor solutions for National and Independent Oil and Gas Companies, Trading Houses, Banks and Government bodies.



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