Energy Market Risk Management and Controls

Energy Market Risk Management, used to control returns and maintain margins, is often the lifeblood of a company.  From the moment that investment is made, a return is uncertain, but always predicted to be a profitable exercise.  The key to this lies in a tailored risk management strategy with a robust control system.
The dynamic world of energy, with its macro and micro economic influences, often forces businesses to adapt quickly to changes in the market place to take advantages of such changes for their own business.  Artaois draws on experience across the value chain to support businesses in addressing these risks and give them the confidence in the systems, processes and tools to turn those risks into opportunities and enhance their position in the market place.

The key to efficient Risk Management is control.  By using our Fit for Purpose model, Artaois will look at the existing control structure of a business and compare this to best practice across the industry.  The ultimate solution will come from adapting these controls to what is operable for companies in different areas of the energy markets, to devise a robust solution to support risk management strategies that are implemented.  In this way companies will be confident in the measurement and control of the marketing and trading strategy to avoid unforeseen risks.


Artaois has worked with a number of high profile companies in the energy market and successfully delivered risk control frameworks suitable to the range of business activities performed.
Contact us to find out how we can help to derive a suitable risk management strategy and the controls to govern it.

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