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Artaois draws on the skills and knowledge of energy experts around the world to meet the growing globalisation of the energy market.  The consultancy uses experts to offer strategic solutions in energy trading and marketing, risk management and controls, operational processes, governance and compliance tailored to our clients’ needs.  We never believe that "one solution fits all" and by applying the principles of our Fit for Purpose model, we have tailored solutions for National and Independent Oil and Gas Companies, Trading Houses, Banks and Government bodies.
We understand that the needs of companies vary for different markets and company goals and Artaois takes pride in understanding the differing objectives at a company and shareholder level in order to tailor suitable solutions. The same principle is applied through in house training and corporate briefings and uses the depth and breadth of experience to focus on the requirements of companies and individuals to ensure that we deliver high impact, high efficiency, short term solutions.  Many of our clients have started with this approach and developed into longer term consultancy contracts. We are renowned for our attention to detail and the way we go above and beyond in providing analytical solutions - the fact that our clients return time and time again is testament to this.


Artaois has a global reach, based in the UK. We work with companies involved in all areas of the energy industry from producers through to end users; in this way, Artaois provides consultancy solutions that create added value, control costs and boost revenues for its clients in the energy market by drawing on a broad experience in the energy industry.  We work closely with clients to enable them to achieve their goals and drive their business forward in the future.

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